Sanju's yoga classes are very energizing. So much of variery in exercises and pranayam, there is never a day when we feel that there was a repetition. i feel that my overall looks and attitude has improved in last three months. Thank you Sanju.
- Deepa Jagdish

Doing yoga with Sanju is a very pleasent experience. It's not only weight loss, her exercises makes you stress-free, which is most important in today's life. Keep it up.
- Sneha Advani

Sanju is a very good intructor. Very polite and patient. I feel very fresh after her session and my stamina has increased.
- Ruchi Singhal

Enjoying Yoga!!! The energy levels have increased. Sanju made us comfortable . Her way of Yoga is GREAT!!! She makes us do Power Yoga and then takes us through guided relaxation at the end. We just don't feel tired after the class. In fact my stamina and felxibility has increased.
- Arti Gupta

Yoga classes are fantastic. With Sanju's instructions, doing yoga is easy and fun. I feel better and energetic after doing yoga.
- Sripriya. S.

The experience was very good with Sanju. After 3 months, i feel more energetic and flexible.
- Deepa

The energy level has increased. I feel fresh and comfortable. My stamina has increased. Sanju is an excellent instructor.
- Rachana Gupta